Sucasa Sacco membership is available to all Kenyan Citizens who want to have an opportunity to grow their economic status and develop their Careers.

How to Become a Member

1. Membership fees is Kshs.1,000.

2. Minimum monthly deposit contribution is Kshs 500.00

3. Minimum Share Capital is 100 shares equity @ Kshs.100 equal to Kshs.10,000.00

4. Credit Reference Bureau (CRB)report shall be generated to confirm membership eligibility.

5. Qualification for a loan is after 6 Months of consistent saving for long term loans & short term loans 3 months.

1. Membership Fee: Kshs.2,000

2. Monthly minimum deposit: Kshs.5,000

3. Minimum account balance: Ksh.5,000

4. To raise 20% deposit in case of loan request

5. Minimum Shareholding :Kshs. 10,000

Should a member wish to withdraw from the Sacco the exit procedure is as below:

1. Fill in an exit withdrawal form

2. If you are a member withdrawing from the society and have guaranteed , the guarantor should find an alternative guarantor replacement

3. Deposits refunded within 60 days

4. Member may opt to retain shares or sell/transfer to an existing member.

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Contact Info

P.O. Box 4485 – 00100, Nairobi Kenya.
Tai Lane, Oloolua Road, Ngong


Phone: 0727 542 701